Five Ways to Extend The Battery Life of Your Laptop


Laptop is one of the best platforms for having digital enjoyment. Nearly everything is at your beck and call, whenever and wherever you wish. It gives you an altogether different digital experience, which even your PC can't offer.

But it does come with its share of limitations. The moment you witness the fact that your laptop battery is almost-dead, you don't have any option other than hunting for a power adaptor and getting your laptop charged. how to activate mcafee internet security with key?

However, there are few easily-available options, which you can take advantage of to buy yourself some more time before your laptop becomes dead due to lack of power.

Here you go!

Activate Your Laptop's Battery Saver Mode or Eco Mode

Turn on the battery saver mode of your laptop that will automatically do necessary modifications for the longevity of usable battery life. Not only this, it will also accordingly adjust your laptop settings and shift all the components to a low-power state to help you run the battery longer. Microsoft Office Setup

Apart from this, you need to turn off all the unnecessary devices and shut down the unwanted apps and processes. Once you've done this, you can pull even better efficiency out of your laptop.

Disable Unused Devices and Ports

Disconnect the unwanted peripherals connected to your laptop. This way you can turn off the biggest power hogs and unused optical drives. But before disabling any component, make sure that the device is not in use or it is not needed to get the laptop functioning.

Disable the devices, which you find relevant. Generally, there are four power saving elements- graphics card, optical drive, Ethernet and Wi-Fi adapters, which you can turn down to increase the battery life of your laptop. You can also turn off any unused port if needed.

Adjust Your Settings

You can adjust the setting and reduce the power consumption for your display and keyboard. You can take simple yet effective steps to save power of your laptop. Turn off the backlight of your keyboard unless it is really needed. Apart from this, you can also decrease the brightness of your screen, which can add a significant amount of time to your laptop before its power goes off. Webroot Internet Security Complete Keycode

Finally, turn down the sound as low as you can whenever possible. Consider switching to a tiny set of earbuds in place of large speakers.

Turn Off Apps and Processes

There are multiple apps and processes running on your system, which might be hungry for power, hence consuming the battery more quickly. Simply take a look at your system tray and eliminate all the unwanted and unused applications installed in your device. You can also view the list of programs, which are consuming more power. You can bring these programs and processes to a halt to maximize your battery life.


You yourself can also be of great help in increasing the battery life of your laptop. Avoid multi-tasking as it's not the best option to put a great load on your processor and draw more power. Close all the unnecessary additional programs while you're running one. Ensure that there are no programs running in the background.

By doing this little change, you can surely extend the battery-life of your laptop and buy yourself a lot of time. AVG How to Install - Www.Avg.Com/Retail

Follow these battery-saving tips and tricks to increase your runtime and extend the battery life of your laptop significantly. Making these simple adjustments will not only reduce your power-bill, but will also increase the battery-life of your laptop.