5 Apps to Digitize Your Business Cards


Maintaining a pile of business cards is cumbersome and tiring, especially in this competitive business environment. Won't it be easy if someone can directly save his or her information on your smartphone so that you can use it whenever and wherever you want? Well, if that's the solution you have always been looking for, digital business cards are just for you. Www.webroot.com/safe

Here's a list of top five apps that can digitize your business cards and help you manage your network better. Setup Microsoft Office.Com/Setup


The CloudCards app eases the way you maintain your contacts. The app lets you scan your paper cards and store them in a digital format. It eliminates the hassle of removing duplicate contacts that are stored in your smartphone and contacts that have become outdated. With CloudCards, you can create multiple cards and send them across to all your associates. It also provides you with the facility of editing each card separately. Apart from this, CloudCards also gives you a variety of templates to choose from. The moment you change the template of your business card, it updates your friends immediately.

ScanBizCards Lite

ScanBizCards Lite is a business card scanner that has a cloud backup, can be synced with multiple devices, and has a direct link to LinkedIn. The ScanBizCards Lite app lets you scan business cards in seconds from both sides so that you don't lose any information about the contact. With its one-button feature, you can initiate a LinkedIn invite to any of the scanned contacts. With the ScanBizCards Lite app, you can scan an unlimited number of cards, create new contacts, or merge scans with existing ones. It also automatically updates the contacts in your phonebook as well as Outlook. What's more? ScanBizCards Lite app gives you the option to add note to each contact, integrate calendars to add follow-ups reminders, and dial or SMS contacts via Skype.

WorldCard Mobile

WorldCard Mobile app is the best answer for individuals who are running their business globally and frequently come in contact with people speaking different languages. It recognizes 20 different languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, and more. The app can also help you sort visiting cards by name, position, company, phone number, and address. Like all the above mentioned apps, WorldCard Mobile also scans as well as takes photos of your cards to turn them into digitized form. Install www.avg.com/retail


The CamCard app makes use of your smartphone's camera to scan all the paper cards and upload them directly to the cloud for anytime, anywhere access. You have the option to save contacts to email accounts, Facebook, and phone contact list as well. Claiming to be one of the easiest manageable apps, CamCard is a must-have app for sales people, entrepreneurs, business developers, and marketing experts. If remembering a person you met last week is becoming increasingly difficult due to your busy schedule, CamCard removes this worry too. It allows you to tag or add notes to the card for an easier access afterwards.


Haystack is the latest offering that can create digital business cards in just 30 seconds. Along with creating a sharable digital card directly via email or text, Haystack also scans the paper cards and stores them on your smartphone. Once you've stored the contacts, the app automatically updates the business card if the card owner has changed or updated any information, like modified his designation, revised his contact details, or changed his company name.

So, shun paper. Use these apps and move your business into the digitally inclined climate and make an everlasting impression in business meetings, conferences and conventions.   Www.Mcafee.Com/Activate